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Posted by: FlyDashi
09-08-2017, 08:56 PM
Forum: General
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Hello my name is Dashi. My Mum and Dad bought me a Cub for my 7th birthday. I would like to learn to fly it. I have flown it once with the help of my mum's friend. I would like to join your club and learn more.
I like to watch people fly their planes and try to fly my own plane.

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Posted by: Muggers1234
30-07-2017, 11:54 AM
Forum: General
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Hi all,

So I finally got the plane together, I put the electronics together with a Turnigy 45amp ESC and a 1000kv 3542/6 turnigy motor with max 38A and 600watts.
I ran a watt meter and the plane is pulling 36A and about 380 watts with a 12x4.5 slow flyer prop. When the battery is fully charged and I go full throttle, my voltage alarm set at 3.8 goes off strait away. I'm concerned that it's drawing to hard on my 2200 3s 25c battery?
Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Also what does the 6 mean on the 3542/6 motor?

Thanks!!! Smile

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Posted by: Muggers1234
25-07-2017, 09:49 AM
Forum: For Sale
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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone had some 4+ Channel Spektrum receivers available?



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Posted by: secant0give
21-07-2017, 09:54 PM
Forum: General
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Not sure how many of our members read Radio Control Model News.
It is quite a good read!! We as a club managed to get a positive word in this edition. Many thanks to Jeremy!! Perhaps it will help make a difference and we might get some interest from new members.

Attached is a copy of the article

It is quite likely that Steven Green may be Happy to publish more nicely written and relevant articles from MAAA members also our club could benefit from some more positive press.

.pdf RCMN Article.pdf Size: 650.73 KB  Downloads: 681

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Posted by: secant0give
05-07-2017, 02:57 PM
Forum: General
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Just saw these from HK

I havn't been on there for a while so not sure how new they are

Any one got one?

Better still anyone interested in a bit of fun pylon with these??

They look like they might be an even better machine at $200 plug and fly how could you go wrong ??

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Posted by: robbo
24-06-2017, 07:59 PM
Forum: General
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Over the years the club has had a fantastic forum with engagement from many members and non-members, but of late the forum activity has dropped. Also since the club was created back in 2006 social networking has skyrocketted. Love it or hate it Facebook has become the standard for social networking for clubs like ours.

As a platform there is a lot more we can do with it to promote our club, photos, videos, live, events and of course discussion, all easily accessible by most of our phones.

The club has for a long time, thanks to Kieran, had a Facebook page, but that has had some limitations for members to easily post to. So we have now connected a facebook group for the club. This is open to paid club members and friends of PRCAC, but you will need to be a group member to post anything, so you'll have to request access.

We hope this group will be used by members to more easily share club activities and discussion, and generate interest in our club to promote membership.

The forums are NOT going away, they remain, and they are the official site for club business, paid up members will still have access to the private club members forum. That specific forum is important to discuss club business or issues that dont need to be shown to the whole world. The forums also operate as a record keeping facility for us, on field maintenance, field condition and closures, safety incidents, and other key documents.

Please go and request access of the new Facebook group here ->>

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Posted by: robbo
24-06-2017, 06:09 PM
Forum: General
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If you have been coming down to the field recently it is now time to join the club in order to continue to use the field. 2017 fees are now due, and without paid up membership you wont be able to fly at the field from 1st July.

For a new joining member the following fees apply, as per our website.

Annual Club Fees $50
Once off Joining fee $50
ANSW Affiliation/MAAA Insurance $100

Total $200 for the 2017/2018 year.

We dont take blind applications, we understandably like to meet prospective members first, get to know you and you to know us! If you have been coming down to the club and already met some of the members, please just ask another member to nominate you, or you can email to the ' secretary @ ', and ask for a membership application. Unless any members object you will receive an application form to fill, pay your money (EFT only) and thats it.

Thanks for coming to our club. I hope you can join up and enjoy many hours flying and meeting other members.


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Posted by: BOB
09-06-2017, 02:03 PM
Forum: General
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Hi guys. I cam across this YouTube video of the Eagle tree GPS system, looks good but fairly complicated?.

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Posted by: Dadukeofoz
26-05-2017, 02:33 PM
Forum: General
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Ok. So we like to fly at the field. It's s a safe place for us to enjoy our past time.
By our little field isn't the only sky we can use.
This app is produced by CASA

It's aimed at the drone pilots but is also suitable for rotorheads and plankers.
Get it. Use it. Biggrin

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Posted by: robbo
10-05-2017, 08:00 AM
Forum: General
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