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Thread to discuss items you are ordering or looking at on HobbyKing
Just checked out your Group Order thread Kieran, looks good. You are spending a lot of your time on our orders (and we do appreciate it) and I was wonder what automation could be done to lessen the load, are you using a php/sql backend?, I used to be a Coldfusion man myself.

Yeah, there is a sql back end and I had a good think about automation but decided against it. If everyone posts as instructed it will really work well with my workflow.
Hey Kieren,im looking at getting whichever one of these is in stock next order, they are all motor links and from top to bottom is my preference, ill look closer to the time but up until afew hours b4 you did your last order one was in stock , on next order at least there is some options and ill make work whatever i can get my hands on.. Biggrin ... 0Kv_/_630w ... 0Kv_/_550w ... 0Kv_/_605w ... oduct=4917 ... oduct=3887

Says it all really Wink
All Better!!
Well Done Kieran Biggrin
Great job mate.
Do you want me to call around Tuesday night and pick up
my stuff?
I'll fit in with whatever you want.

Yeah, I should be home most of Tuesday evening, Just msn me Smile Anyone else is welcome to come around during the week and grab your stuff if you need it asap.
Hey dad i wonder if that is my sons first rc plane i can see!

if so he will love having a plane down the field, and id say will be the youngest flyer around for abit.. Biggrin
It sure is his plane.
Can't wait to see his face when he opens his
birthday presents Smile
Wonder how much his membership fees are. Wink

paulj Wrote:Wonder how much his membership fees are. Wink

not too much i hope , this hobby is sending me broke Biggrin
Hi kieran,

Does the lipos come fully charged ready to go for this weekend fliying Wink

Just kidding i can charge them on Saturday on field.
I'll chuck some deans on them for ya and get em charged
That would be great, only if you have time though and will fix you up for the deans Biggrin
Just a heads up that I may have to pull the trigger on the next order early, Spektrum RX's are running out and will take a while to restock so if you were thinking of adding to the order, do it now!!
AHH .. Pull the trigger!! shoot to kill! Redface

selfish me .. . Redfaceops:

Ingo told me that there is a very attractive discount for the new Cessna (something like $99 instead of $199). I think he is referring to the following item. If this is true, I like to order it. Can you confirm if this price is real? I am not in a hurry. So, please take your time.

1 X ... duct=10339

Thank you very much.
Yes the Durafly cessna is $99.95US. The rough price to get it landed in Australia is ~$170AU (Don't forget the weight is close to 4kg which means about $50 in shipping.

Can I ask for you opinion? I am looking at the Decathlon EP as well as the Durafly Cessna ... oduct=8591 (Decathlon EP) ... duct=10339 (Durafly Cessna)

What do you think in choosing between the 2? The Decathlon is attractive to me because of its plywood frame. I think it is stronger than foam but I read one comment and it said the frame was delicate.

The Durafly Cessna seems to be heavy (1.45kg). Yes, it is a larger plan but it is made of foam. Why is it so heavy?

Can you help me to make a choice?

I have the Decathlon and it is great fun to fly! There is a certain amount of strength with balsa planes but there is also alot of work to get them flying and keeping them flying if you are rough with your landings, I would probably suggest you go the Cessna or even a T28 to practice your take offs and landings more. Once you can nail 10 or 15 landings in a row, then move up to the balsa, it will save you in the long run. The reason why there is such a discrepancy in weights is because items like planes are shipped on their lineal weight as well, it is a long box and thats where the extra shipping goes to. The box may not be close to 4kg but it is longer than standard and that is where the delivery company stings you.
Hi Colin

I agree with Kieran if you can Trojan T28 is a great plane Easy Fly and has a lot of potential for Changes and parts can be easy bought locally if needed.
Kellets Liverpool I think and Ultimate Hobbies North Parramata Is Stocking Parts .

Steve Smile
what can i say , T28 is about as good as it gets for taking off landing and parts support, fly it slow fly it fast land inverted hit ppl head on.. it doesnt matter with a t28 8-)

the cessna and decathalon are great too no doubt but i dont think as flexible in flight characteristics or as tough for repairs..
That said, If you're keen on the Decathlon, Darren has a slightly larger one coming up for sale soon. So it might be worth keeping that in the back of your mind.
Colin, Cessna is in stock and selling fast. Please advise what you want to do

I am going to HK this weekend. I wonder if you can place a special order for me. I'll pick up the goods in HK. I was told that the shipping will be refunded afterwards. If you can do this specially for me, let me know and I'll complete my order.

I can also pick up a few more things for others as long as they are not heavy items.

Have you spoken to Hobby King about it? As long as its ok with them, I will order. Please email me your mobile number.
Hi, I have spoken to them through online customer support and they verified.
Kieran, order has been submitted. Thank you very much.
Guy's please remember to post orders as per the instructions, its not hard and it saves me a hell of a lot of time. Links should include not , or any other variation.
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