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Full Version: Heli's for sale
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1. SST Eagle Freya 90 size electric helicopter. Come with:
        a. 690 SAB Blades
        b. Tail Blades
        c. Scorpion motor, HK-4530-500KV (Limited Edition)
Sale price: AU$800

2. Goblin 500 Sports edition. Come with:
        a. SAB Blades
        b. Tail Blades
        c. QT4120-1200 QUANTUM Outrunner Brushless Motor
Sale price: AU$400
3. Goblin 570 is already sold
Prices are almost give away. Negotiable a little bit but not much as the prices are already very low. Reason for selling is I am getting out in flying helicopters.

Posted in FB Market as well