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Full Version: Solution to Frsky ACCST problem
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Many Taranis ACCST users don't consider there is any problem, but a major effort by Aloft Hobbies has gone on and new rx firmware is becoming available that may be of interest to those still using ACCST. Here is what they say:

Universal ACCST Firmware for FrSky!

Aloft Hobbies has been working for months on this project and the first phase is now in the final testing phase.  We have developed a brand new firmware for FrSky ACCST receivers and would like to share this exciting news with you all.

What is Universal ACCST receiver firmware?

It is a BRAND new firmware that Aloft Hobbies has helped to develop for FrSky ACCST (D16) receivers. This is not made by FrSky, but they have approved the project.

If you have been using FrSky gear for a while you will be aware of the ACCST V1 bug and FrSky's fix with ACCST V2. While the bug was fixed with V2, it was not backwards compatible with V1. This forced users to update all of their transmitters and receivers to V2, or stay on V1 and risk the bug affecting their flying. For example, a V1 receiver cannot talk to a V2 transmitter.

This was causing a real mess as many people had challenges updating their firmwares (Aloft can do this for you) and FrSky started shipping out some products with V1 and others with V2. What a headache, we can do better!

The Solution

We needed to start with a brand new approach and this was going to require a excellent programmer and a team of testers and RF pros to challenge him. This is what we did, and the end results are looking amazing. Here are a few highlights of what has been achieved:

A single Firmware that can talk to V1 and V2 transmitters.

A single Firmware that can talk to FCC and EU-LBT transmitters.

No new firmware is needed on the transmitter, just the receiver.

The V1 bug has been significantly mitigated to, but if it does occur it only lasts a fraction of a second (18mS).

Added “Auto Tune” feature to lock into transmitter signal very accurately.

Added VFR (Valid Frame Rate) telemetry support.

Eliminated transmitter “swamping” when receiver and transmitter are very close to one another. (No more: “Telemetry lost, telemetry found” errors)

Eliminated the risk of entering failsafe when transmitter and receiver are very close.

Eliminated rare telemetry data errors (spikes) when RF quality is weak.

Added an option for inverted SBUS output.

Added a new Dual Bind feature. (Once you have bound one transmitter, you may bind to a second transmitter.)

and more.

This is still an ongoing project, and we are currently looking for a few pilots that could fly this new firmware and provide us feedback. Once we are done with all testing you will be able to purchase receivers from Aloft Hobbies with this firmware installed.