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Full Version: is this the end of Opentx?
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We may be seeing the end of Opentx.
Check out this long thread

Its about the new Frsky Tandem tx, but it covers Frsky
issues and reports that Ethos is a replacement for Opentx in Frsky txs which will
not be offered (initially? never?) on the new Tandem. Many Frsky owners
are expressing concern about the end of opentx in Frsky gear (including me).

On the Aloft forum (Aloft is the leading US Frsky dealer), there has been a long-running thread complaining about Frsky competitors like Jumper. For 9 months the  "humper and radiocopier" thread was dead, but now there is a full-on discussion of ethos, opentx and frsky. I suggest
start on post 151 on march 6.

It is looking like the end of opentx in frsky gear and the end of the ongoing  support and new features that I have liked. Frsky will become a high end tx like Spectrum or Jeti.

Maybe it makes an opportunity for other tx manufacturers to take the lead in opentx txs, although it seems frsky have poached the main opentx engineers to work on ethos.

I don't know much about Opentx on Frsky radios but it is going strong on many other brands and it is open source so I doubt is going to die if Frsky stops supporting it, if anything it looks like it will become the Android of transmitters and most likely Radiomaster, Jumper and other brands will take the project from here.