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Full Version: Pylon Racing
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Just got this email, all are welcome to go and have a look.


Well it is just over a week till the next race at the Richmond RAAF
club. Given the fire and flood we have recently it will be great to
actually get out and do some racing !!

As previously, please reply to all to this e-mail letting us know if you
will be attending and if so, what class.


It looks like some of the RAAF guys will also be racing with some
Stryker F27 flying wings, so we may have to get some of our members to
act as mentors/coaches/callers for them. It is great that they want to
give it a go and some even bought the planes specially so please do your
best to encourage them.

At this stage their field seems fine and I may drop in this Sunday
afternoon to double check.

Please try and arrive no later than 8am as we need to take entries,
setup the course then get a trimming flight in by 9am.