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Who’s going to the field tomorrow? I plan to be there at 8am.
Sundays is about a day much cooler.
It's 9am and BOM has the cool change over Wagga Wagga. Storms and winds are coming.

I didn't wake up until 9.30 and by then it was 34c
Hi Jason You know the pamphlets that we had at the event in the park at North Parramatta do we still have any? Left this a camera shop in Westfield that is selling DJI products if we do have some pamphlets I’ll drop a couple of or just some cards instead.

Talking about the cards last night while I was on my evening walk around the park I started talking to a couple of guys have DJI drugs so I gave some cards they said they would be interested in coming down to the field on the weekend .
Hi Bob,

I think the pamphlets you reference were organised back in the day by Chris McCarthy and made available at Ultimate Hobbies.

From memory they may have had a mobile number on there (can’t remember exactly, haven’t seen one for years), so I expect if we want to deploy something simular we’d best produce an updated version. I’ll be sure to mention this at the next committee meeting.
Bob, I've just had a look and found 3 flyers in my car that Fawaz @ Ultimate Hobbies made up for the club. I'll call Carlos to find out if he can get Fawaz to release the file so that we can get more made up.
Jason, the mobile number on the flyer was Chris's mobile number.
Can someone get onto Kieren, we have been invaded by someone posting non specific material on here and get it removed and blocked.......
Hi Todd. there is a camera shop in Westfield Parramatta that sells DJI products least I think they're still doing it as soon as the school holidays are over I'll will go into Parramatta and give them some of the pamphlets if that's all right.
Bob, is that the camera shop just in from the front doors?
I'm liaising with Carlos @ Ultimate Hobbies to see if I can get the file from Fahwaz so that we can print them up ourselves.
Bob, I have just dropped into the Camera House in Westfield Parramatta and have our flyers on display at the drone display cases...
Hey all, anyone flying Easter Saturday!
I'm going to attempt to make an appearance
Was busy.

How did it go?

I had a fly last Wednesday so I know that the field is in great shape.

Was a beautiful day for flying, Field looks amazing! Had a terrible day attrition wise!
Ripped he gear out of my EDF before it even got airborn, Had a range fade and broke my favourite quad and then had he gearbox seize in my hotliner resulting in a some nasty damage.
Hey KV
I believe it is mandatory to have a photographic record of such comprehensive carnage?
Or, even better, video....
Rob B
Sorry to hear about your loss. We had family stuff at last minute so I couldn’t make it. Frown
Hey guys I will hopefully be out at 9ish Saturday (18th) morning.

Dirk if you are heading out Saturday let me know and I will bring the Hyperbipe.

See you all Saturday.

Hi guys I visited you for the first time last Saturday, I would like to know if you'll be at the field this Saturday.
For the people who don't know me I know how to fly but I don't have my bronze wings yet
(15-05-2019, 03:54 PM)Gabino_Huerta Wrote: [ -> ]Hi guys I visited you for the first time last Saturday, I would like to know if you'll be at the field this Saturday.
For the people who don't know me I know how to fly but I don't have my bronze wings yet

I will be out at Saturday morning
Hi Andrew, I will be at the field Saturday morning.
Batteries on charge now.
Flying field first then on to vote.

Just seeing who will be at the field this weekend?

Saturday looks like it might be windy with possible rain, Sunday looks better. At least that is one forecast I have.

What do you think?


Yes Andrew the weather is not good. I'm staying home with the flu.
Good weather last week , I opened the gate at 9.30 then a few cars arrived not long after.

Very little wind tomorrow, found a very cool wind prediction site. Later afternoon chance of rain, be interesting to see how accurate this is.,m:cIRakmK
How's going to the field this weekend?
Can we fly on Monday?
Hi All,

I will be out at the field at 10.00 should be a good day unless the rain stays overnight....


I'll be along too.

Just bingled the car. Frown no wheels for at least for a week or more. Im ok just a knocked head. Doh!
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