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Full Version: CASA drone survey
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If you havent put in your submission for the CASA drones survey... tomorrow is your last day!!... forget that other survey thing in the mail... plenty of time for that... Smile
Drone discussion paper detailed report now available

5 December 2017

A report detailing responses to our consultation on a discussion paper on drones titled Review of RPAS operations (DP 1708OS) is now available on the CASA consultation hub.

The consultation closed on 29 September, 2017. We received 910 responses and were given permission to publish 598. These are also published on the consultation hub.

In summary the report shows that:

Most people who responded support some form of registration. Although most preferred registration by weight, a clear preference for how that registration should be applied is less clear.
Training and demonstrated proficiency in the use of drones is broadly supported, particularly for large drones.
Support is divided for geo-fencing: 47 per cent support it, while 53 per cent do not. Many respondents indicated they think geo-fencing is ineffective.
Counter-drone technology to protect safety and security enforced by trained law enforcement personnel was supported.
Most respondents thought the current rules were appropriate and that CASA is doing a good job. Other themes included improving experienced drone operators’ knowledge of the rules and concerns about over-regulation and low enforcement of existing rules.
We acknowledge the participation of all respondents to the consultation. Your feedback will inform the development of future legislation and we will consult further on any proposed future changes.

link : casa report
CASA has now decided that anyone with a drone weighing 250g or more must do an online registration every year.........
And, $20 for every drone. Which could cost hundreds, even thousands, per annum.
This is the survey that we all need to fill out......
Filled out. Djeez what a piece of rubbish legislation they dreamt up with ! (Oh no, NOT AGAIN !)
is our field CASA or MAAA approved ?
(29-01-2019, 06:51 PM)dfw Wrote: [ -> ]is our field CASA or MAAA approved ?

I think both.

I was at the last ANSW meeting and they had just finished getting all our state Clubs approved on behalf of MAAA. 
So Mccoy must of been one of the first.

Thanks, The latest MAAA email also states the new CASA rules fee waiver should include MAAA fields.
Casa could have been more clear on this part.

Also, in Urban area's, other than official fields there are hardly any places where you CAN legally fly, which turns this whole charade into "yet another set of useless rules." -?-
I want to share to situations that happened about free weeks ago directly behind where I live there is a very large park use for cricket and soccer and I normally go for a walk in the cool of the evening the park itself is absolutely full with kids playing cricket soccer or on the swings set this particular evening seen a young fellow about 14 or 15 flying his Drone that he received as a Christmas present he was flying above some kids who were playing cricket than his mates arrived and proceeded to try to catch the drone,I went up to have a talk to him and got threatened so I withdrew two nights later they was free man flying DJI drones I gave them some of the clubs cards and promptly withdrew to avoid any more confrontations. Sorry this is a bit along but it illustrates fertility of registration these sort of people won’t simply bother to register but will fly wherever they can and putting the public in danger and giving us a black eye in the process.
What’s the name of the park?
I think that it's called Toongabbie Park
it's Giraween Park I actually considered calling the police but public take them at least 3 to 4 hours come by then those characters would disappear.
Yeah, zero flying allowed there. You can only do what you can do mate. I've had a similar result offering advice in a similar situation.
CASA will make them pay a registration fee so at least they will be registered to ... still not be allowed to fly there -!?-
Another thought, it is a good thing CASA does not go over fishing licenses, or you would be paying license for every rod you own. As one can only fly one drone a time, the reg fee should be once per person, not per UAV. (But that does yield as much $$$ in for CASA... ) (that and fees should then be exempted if you are MAAA (Or equivalent) affiliated. )
So maybe we mis-interpreted the Casa statement on the reg fees, "The cost of registration has yet to be determined by CASA. The cost will depend on whether you fly your drone for fun or profit. It is likely to be a $20 or less annual fee (per person) for recreational drones and for some model aircraft operators. " Reads it's $20 per person, not per UAV ?
Well, that’s a relief.
ANSW meeting tonight at Silverwater if you want the latest first hand.
I recently registered my drone with the FAA so I can fly it in the US when I’m there on business. It was a once off $5 fee.
Just got this from ANSW.

ANSW Bulletin Number 27-2018/19

Dear Stephen

Good evening,
The new regulations regarding Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems were announced in the mainstream media today.
We make the following comment:

This is the continuation of matters raised during the Senate enquiry last year to which ANSW presented.
These regulations won’t impact on the recreational flyer until later this year.
There are numerous exemptions for MAAA members and their Flying Fields.
More advice will follow from ANSW & MAAA as detailed information becomes available.