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Full Version: Eflight Shoestring 180 or 200 with 3 lipo packs
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Well this is a bit of fun !!
My Eflight shoestring, set up for EF1 pylon. It's been recovered in the infamous red white and blue colour scheme. I couldn't believe how heavy the factory covering was between removing that and the pilot which was solid cast it lost a 1/4 of a pound in weight.

Well flown it would be a competitive model in the EF1 pylon class which by the way is coming up in a couple of weeks.

It hasn't done a lot of racing as I mostly fly q-500 class but it is a great model, flies nicely and is quite slick when it comes to putting on the pace. It is in excellent A1 condition ready to race or fly as quick sports model.

Comes with a good quality spectrum receiver all ready installed and if you part with 200 you can have 3 2600 lipo packs to go with it.

It also has a castle creations 75a esc and the motor is the Eflight pylon motor made for the class. It also has been fitted with nice Hitech servos.


Here it is racing at maitland

Here is the test flight the elevator was set with a bit too much travel once I backed it off .......perfect !!
Sold to Frank D for Marulan next weekend!!