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Full Version: 72" Yak 55m $120
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Here is a project for someone. Alas time and space doesn't allow for this one either.

I was sure I was going to get time to repair this but I didn't in the last 12 months so it must go. I've got a full years worth of building Large scale race planes so this one is going really cheep.

The airframe is free basically it's up for only the second hand price of the gear.

It comes with G160 motor that has had the windings potted, the magnets grouted and been carefully balanced. This is a mighty and bullet proof electric motor!! It has a really good ESC no timing issues just sheer grunt.

It has all the 10Kg digital metal gear servos in place good hardware and set up nicely.

Comes with an FRsky telemetry RX so you don't have to worry about battery monitoring. It runs happily on 12S or 10S if you like, it can hover no probs at all and it's a great aerobatic machine with no nastiness about the way it flies!

Here's the catch it needs repair to the bottom of the fuselage after a hard downwind landing at Cowra a couple of years ago. I'm sure someone can get it flying again. I'd sure like to see it!!

For $120 it a bargain the box cost nearly half that to make.

This is how it is at the moment tucked away in its big foam box. I have a spare cowl for it as well.


Here's some video of it flying
Sold to Ray H